Only open Nevi-Skin when you have read the instructions thoroughly.

1. Clean Syringomas thoroughly with soap and water. Ensure to treat syringoma separately, do not treat whole cluster at once

2. SYRINGOMAS: With the supplied toothpick, slowly scrape syringoma causing the surface layer of the skin to be porous enough to allow the Nevi-Skin cream to penetrate down to the root. Do NOT rub so hard that is causes bleeding. . Scratching should be hard enough so that when Nevi-Skin cream is applied it will penetrate syringoma surface, but not so hard as to make it bleed. Scratching is the key to success!

3. Open Nevi-Skin and stir contents thoroughly with provided applicator stick.

4. Place enough Nevi-Skin on applicator to cover the entire surface of syringoma with a thin layer of cream. Make sure the entire syringoma is covered only NOT surrounding skin.

Single syringoma application is often enough

Treat others once step 5 is completed

5. At this stage you will start to feel a slight irritation while the Nevi-Skin cream permeates the syringoma surface down to the root. Leave the cream on for approximately 20-30 minutes.

Syringomas should turn dark brown or black

Slight inflammation is normal

6. Wash treated area with water. Be sure not to disturb area for a period of 24-48 hours while scab is forming. Scabbing is completely normal during the healing process. Be sure not the remove the scab prematurely as this may cause scarring or blemish, Remember patients is a virtue!

You may wash and bathe normally during this time. We strongly recommend applying pure vitamin E oil, fresh Aloe Vera or any antibiotic cream to promote faster healing! Wait 7-10 days (up to 3 weeks is normal for large moles) for scab to fall off naturally. Under no circumstances disturb or remove the scab. It should loosen and fall off naturally.

Important Notes

  • DO NOT scratch so hard on surface of skin to cause bleeding. If bleeding occurs you will have to wait until it has stopped completely before continuing further.
  • That being said it's equally important to scratch hard enough that the Nevi-Skin will permeate the surface. You will know if you have scratch enough if slight stinging in felt when application is applied. If not felt then you will have to try again with slightly more force.
  • DO NOT be alarmed when redness and swelling appear on treated area. This is completely normal indicating healing is progressing and quickly disappears.
  • Expect a pinkish tone to the treated area once the scab has fallen off naturally. Skin tones normally balance out within 30 days although some people may require several months for skin tones to return to normal.


  • Nevi-Skin is for external use only.
  • People with immune deficiencies should consult a physician before using this product
  • If Nevi-Skin cream gets into eyes, flush immediately with water for 15 minutes.
  • If unusual discomfort arises, consult a physician.
  • Adult supervision is necessary while treating children

Syringoma Removal Directions

What is a Syringoma?

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